A Guide to Knitting Yarns

It can be very rewarding to start a knitting hobby. You can be kept busy with it and you can also have an extensive selection of fantastic patterns to take advantage of. For a beginner, choosing the right type of knitting yarn for your knitting project can be a problem since there are many different types available. There are different thickness of knitting yarn to select from and when you choose thickness it is often referred to as weight. If you understand these, it can help you identify the one suited for your particular project.

The size of the right needle is depending on the weight of the knitting merino wool yarn you will use. IF you are using patterns to work on, you will find that these patterns have their recommended particular brand of knitting yarn, its weight and needle size that you need for the project. Depending on your location and what you can find online or in the store, you may have to choose a different brand. It is then important to know the yarn weight so that whatever brand you choose you will know that it is the right wool for your project.

Lace knitting yarn is very thin wool. This kind is the thinnest you can find. You can use this for making doilies and shawls. The lace yarn is used for the smallest needle size of 000-1.

The next type is the finger knitting yard, which is also a thin yarn but not as thin as lace. If you are looking to make shawls, doily or socks and you want a thin yarn that you can knit tightly together to achieve the results that you want, then you should choose the finger knitting silk yarn. The needle sizes used for this yarn is sizes one to three.

If you are doing baby clothes, blankets, and shawls, you need the sport yard which is a very fine yarn. This yarn is also softer to the touch and you will find that the lace yarn is coarse to the touch. The needles used for sporting yarn are sizes three up to five.

Light worsted yarn, also referred to as DK yarn, is a slightly thicker yarn and one of the more common options. This type of yard is easy to use and can also be used for making baby clothes, blankets, shawls, and others. The needle size used for this type of yarn is size five to seven in order to achieve the best results.

Worsted knitting yarns are also common types of yarn. Worsen yarn is used in all types of knitting project. You can use this type of wool for knitting sweaters and blankets and the needle size for this is sizes seven to nine.